Latvia informed about a new package of military aid to Ukraine. Air defense equipment and drones will enter there

Olha Bereziuk

Latvia approved the provision of a new batch of military aid to Ukraine. It will include anti-aircraft guns and drones.

This was reported by the Prime Minister of the country Evika Silinia in her X accounts.

According to her, it is about the transfer of NBS anti-aircraft installations, tactical unmanned surveillance systems and other important equipment and technical means.

"This will help to improve both air defense and intelligence capabilities of Ukraine," said Silinya.

She added that Latvia allocates approximately 0.25% of its GDP per year to support Ukraine.

  • Latvia regularly transfers packages of military aid to Ukraine. For example, on April 4, the country announced that it would send drones of its own production to Ukraine for a total of one million euros.
  • Taking into account the April package, Latvian military aid to Ukraine will reach €392 million, and total support to Ukraine will reach €850 million. In 2024, support to Ukraine will exceed €200 million, military aid will amount to approximately €112 million, or almost 0.25% of Latviaʼs GDP.