Parliament supported the draft law on customs clearance of cars in “Diia” app. What does it mean?

Oleksandra Amru

In the first reading, the Ukrainian Parliament supported draft law No. 10380 on customs clearance of cars on the public services portal “Diia” app.

This was reported by the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine.

Car customs clearance in “Diia” is a new service, the purpose of which is to completely remove the human factor and corruption from the process, the department noted. It will also save money and time for thousands of Ukrainians, because the entire customs clearance process will take place online in a few clicks.

After the adoption of the draft law, the Ministry of Digitization will create a database of customs values based on information from customs. There will be the customs value of new cars imported into Ukraine after 2007, with details: make, model, engine type and volume, year of manufacture. This will automatically calculate the fair cost of customs clearance.

In many ways, the cost depends directly on the customs inspector. So, in the absence of clear criteria, there are opportunities for abuse both by customs officials and by declarants, who often submit a lower value of the car in order to reduce the customs payment, that is, in fact, reduce revenues to the budget.