The adjuster of a missile attack at the pizzeria in Kramatorsk received life imprisonment. The shelling killed 13 people

Oleksandra Amru

The court found a resident of Kramatorsk guilty of treason, who corrected the Russian missile attack on the Ria Pizza pizzeria, which killed 13 people. He was sentenced to life imprisonment with confiscation of property.

This was reported in the Donetsk regional prosecutorʼs office.

The court found that a man who worked at a gas transportation company was recruited to perform tasks for the benefit of Russia. The prosecutorʼs office still does not name the convicted person, but earlier it was reported that he was Volodymyr Sinelnyk.

On June 27, 2023, the man received another task from his supervisor in the "DPR", to check whether there are Ukrainian military personnel in the Ria Pizza establishment in Kramatorsk.

Synelnyk agreed to the offer. He noticed cars with military license plates in the parking lot and soldiers in the pizzeria. Recorded two videos, which I immediately sent to the interlocutor in Telegram.

Some time later, the occupiers hit this facility with an "Iskander-M" missile complex, as a result of which 13 people died and 64 people were injured, including children. The blow also took the life of the Ukrainian writer Victoria Amelina.

Synelnyk was arrested on hot pursuit the day after the rocket attack. The man was waiting for the verdict in the pretrial detention center.