Three temperature records were set in Kyiv on April 1

Liza Brovko

Three temperature records were set in the capital on April 1.

This was reported by the Central Geophysical Observatory named after Borys Sreznevsky.

The maximum air temperature in Kyiv reached +24.6 °С, which is 4.3 °С higher than the previous record value in 2016.

At the same time, the minimum air temperature became the warmest for April 1, as it did not drop below +10.4 °C. This exceeded the previous record value by 0.4 °С.

The average daily air temperature on this day turned out to be the highest during the time of observations by the weather station — +17.3 °C. The new record exceeded the previous one by 3.2 °С, and the climatic norm — by 10.4 °С.

The observatory notes that this air temperature corresponds to the end of May, how to compare it with long-term indicators.

  • The day before, dust from the Sahara came to Ukraine — it was brought by a heat wave from the western Mediterranean. This was the reason why Ukraine has been experiencing abnormally high temperatures for several days. The Hydrometeorological Center reported that two temperature records were set in Kyiv on March 31 — the highest recorded temperature (+25.3 °C) and the highest average daily temperature (+16.9 °C).