Dust from the Sahara reached Ukraine. It came down with an abnormally high temperature

Kostia Andreikovets

Dust from the Sahara came to Ukraine. It was brought by a heat wave from the western Mediterranean, due to which Ukraine has been experiencing abnormally high temperatures for several days.

This is reported by the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center.

The sky over Ukraine will be dim because of the dust. Yesterday, March 31, residents of the western regions could observe such an effect. Already today, April 1, it will spread to most regions of the country. The Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center has published a satellite image from the EUMETSAT platform, on which dust can be seen.

Satellite image from the EUMETSAT platform.

The Hydrometeorological Center recommends closing windows, because dust can be harmful to people with respiratory diseases, the elderly, and children.

Separately, the center reports that two temperature records were set in the capital on March 31. The maximum air temperature on Sunday reached +25.3 °С, which is 2.9 °С higher than the previous record for this day in 1968, and the average daily temperature was the highest during the observation period for this day and amounted to +16.9 °С. This is 1.6 °C higher than the 1968 record.