Ukraine will receive €100 million from Europe in compensation for destroyed housing

Oleksandra Opanasenko

The Development Bank of the Council of Europe will provide Ukraine with a €100 million loan for compensation for destroyed housing within the framework of the new project "HOME. Compensation for destroyed property."

This was reported by the Ministry of Finance.

Participants in hostilities, disabled persons and large families will be able to receive compensation for housing destroyed due to hostilities in the form of certificates for the purchase of housing. More than 2 000 housing certificates are provided within the scope of the project — this will allow almost 5 700 Ukrainians to receive compensation. The project will operate throughout Ukraine.

Compensation will be provided using the "eRecovery" service. After automated verification, the application for obtaining a certificate will be processed and approved by a special State Compensation Commission. The status of the application can be seen in the "Diia" mobile application.

The housing sector of Ukraine remains one of the most affected by the war — total losses are estimated at almost $50 billion.