Poland explained the conditions under which it would shoot down Russian missiles that flew into its territory

Sofiia Telishevska

Poland could have shot down a Russian missile that violated the countryʼs airspace if it had flown deeper and threatened the security of Poles.

Wiadomosci writes about this, quoting the adviser to the Minister of Defense Mechyslaw Bienek.

It is known that today a Russian rocket flying at an altitude of 400 meters at a speed of 800 km/h flew 2 kilometers deep into the territory of Poland. Having fixed it, two pairs of F-16s — two Polish and two American fighters — were lifted into the air.

"The missiles equipped with the F-16 could have shot down this object if it had flown deeper and threatened our security, but after 39 seconds it left our territory," the adviser said.

According to the Minister of Defense of Poland, after todayʼs incident, the American and British allies decided to leave the Sky Saber air and missile defense systems on the territory of Poland until the end of the year, and not until the end of March, as planned.

  • On the night of March 24, the Russians carried out the third massive missile attack on Ukraine in the last four days. During the attack , a Russian missile flew into the territory of Poland and stayed there for 39 seconds in the area of the village of Oserduw. Warsaw announced that they would demand an explanation from Russia regarding the violation of Polish airspace by a Russian missile.