Estonia announced a new €20 million military aid package for Ukraine

Oleksandra Amru

During todayʼs meeting of the defense ministers of Ukraine and Estonia in Kyiv, the head of the Defence Ministry of Estonia Hanno Pevkur informed that Estonia has prepared a new package of military aid for Ukraine worth €20 million.

This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Defense of Estonia.

"The package includes recoilless guns, explosives, various types of artillery ammunition, gas masks, sniper equipment, smaller caliber ammunition, etc. We put together this package in such a way as to help Ukraine as much as possible without reducing Estoniaʼs defense capabilities," said Defense Minister Hanno Pevkur.

This aid package includes, among other things, 155 mm shells. The replenishment of Estoniaʼs contribution will be partially financed by Denmark. The exact number is not disclosed for security reasons.

"The review given to us by Minister of Defense Umerov regarding the situation on the battlefield confirmed that this package is very necessary. But it also clearly showed that Ukraine first of all needs ammunition, all elements of air defense, as well as spare parts and means of electronic warfare," Pevkur noted.

Estonia previously provided Ukraine with, among other things, Javelin anti-tank missile systems, howitzers, artillery ammunition, anti-tank mines and grenade launchers, mortars, vehicles, communication equipment, field hospitals (in cooperation with Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and Iceland), medical supplies, personal protection (helmets, etc.) and dry solders.

  • Last week it was reported that Estonia proposed a €120 billion financing plan for Ukraine. Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Defense of Estonia, Kusti Salm, believes that the best way to do this is to borrow from financial markets or take from national budgets. He suggested that part of this amount can be allocated from Eurobonds, and the European Commission can attract funds from financial markets.
  • It also became known on March 8 that Estonia wants to sign a security agreement with Ukraine. The day before yesterday it was reported that the countries have already started negotiations on the conclusion of this agreement.