The state operator of the rear will be responsible for both tactical medicine and dry rations

Liza Brovko, Oleksandr Myasishchev

Arsen Zhumadilov, the head of the newly created State Rear Operator (DOT) which has been engaged in rear procurement for the Armed Forces since December 2023, spoke about two more categories of goods for which DOT will be responsible.

Arsen Zhumadilov said this in an interview with Babel.

In the future, tactical medicine — first-aid kits, tourniquets, hemostatic agents, occlusive stickers — and dry solder may be added to the purchases of the State Rear Operator.

"There is a vision that we should purchase. First of all — things where we are sure of the quality. If we are talking about the turnstile, then the quality control system in the country does not provide for the inspection of these products," Zhumadilov said.

And he added that DOT will focus on the standards of Ukraineʼs partner countries, NATO countries and the TCCC protocol [Tactical Combat Casualty Care]. Currently, Ukrainian manufacturers are working on obtaining approval from TCCC for their turnstiles.

Arsen Zhumadilov was asked if there are risks that in the fields of takmed and sukhbaiks the story that happened with nutrition may repeat itself, to which he replied: "No, I donʼt think there is any iceberg there. Most likely, there will not be icebergs, but some kind of snowballs that will be thrown at us. But these are all trifles."

Earlier, Zhumadilov stated that the State rear operator is facing pressure from unscrupulous suppliers who are trying to discredit the procurement reform and extend old contracts through lawsuits and informational attacks. He called them "food barons".