GUR and activists cyberattacked Russia

Liza Brovko

The Main Directorate of Intelligence (known as GUR), together with activists of the “VO Team” group, cyberattacked Russian state and private structures.

This is written by the press service of the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Ministry of Education.

Here are the results of cyber attacks from March 11 to 18:

  • attacked the resources of PJSC "Rostelecom", disabled the communication equipment of the Transbaikal and Krasnoyarsk regions of the Russian Federation;
  • gained access to the electronic document management system of the "Government of the Belgorod region", sent fake mailings to 12 000 local officials;
  • attacked and disabled the communication equipment of "Belznak" LLC;
  • attacked and destroyed the information resources of the "Municipal Budget Institution of the Starooskol City Multi-Industry Industrial Association of the Communal Economy";
  • attacked and destroyed the infrastructure of JSC "Tommoloko";
  • hijacked and destroyed the server infrastructure along with backup copies of the hosting provider and the tens of thousands of websites it served;
  • disabled more than 40 Mikrotik network devices in the "City Electric Vehicle Control Center" in Novosibirsk.

Damages can run into hundreds of thousands of dollars.