France named the full list of weapons that it provided to Ukraine during the invasion

Sofiia Telishevska

From February 24, 2022 to December 31, 2023, France provided Ukraine with military equipment and materials adapted to the conditions in which the Armed Forces of Ukraine operate, for a total amount of €2.615 billion.

This is stated on the website of the Ministry of Defense of France.

It is noted that all military supplies to Ukraine meet three criteria:

  • provision of a full cycle (equipment with ammunition, training and maintenance of equipment);
  • help without weakening the French army;
  • "escalation" control.

The list of equipment that France transferred to Ukraine includes small arms, personal protective equipment, air defense systems, artillery, armored vehicles, sea boats, trucks, drones, aviation fuel, etc.

In some cases, the number of transferred units is classified. This applies in particular to the Crotale, Aster and SCALP missiles.

In two years, Ukraine received from France:

  • 250 VAB armored vehicles in various modifications;
  • 38 AMX-10 armored vehicles, also called wheeled tanks;
  • over a million small arms cartridges;
  • 160 drones;
  • 10 drone detection systems;
  • 2 Crotale NG air defense systems;
  • 6 Mistral air defense systems;
  • 1 air defense system SAMP/T;
  • 4 LRU MLRS;
  • 6 TRF1 self-propelled howitzers;
  • 30 Caesar self-propelled howitzers;
  • 10 heavy 120 mm mortars.

In addition, about 10,000 Ukrainian defenders were trained on the territory of France and Poland with the support of Paris.