A Russian drone hit a high-rise building in Odessa. There are dead and wounded. Mourning was announced in the city

Kostia Andreikovets

On the night of March 2, a Russian attack drone, probably a Shahed-136/131, hit a nine-story building in Odesa, collapsing one entrance.

According to the State Emergency Service, two people died and eight others were injured, including one child and a pregnant woman. These are data as of 8:00 a.m.

18 apartments were destroyed. Rescuers are on site sorting out the debris. There may still be people under them.

Oleg Kiper, the head of the OVA, reported that it was possible to get a man out of the rubble. He was in the basement at the time the drone was hit.

The prosecutorʼs office is investigating a violation of the laws and customs of war, combined with intentional murder (Part 2 of Article 438 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine). They added that six residents of the house are considered missing.

At 10:46, the head of the OVA announced that another body had been recovered from the rubble, bringing the number of dead to three. The State Emergency Service specified that the third deceased was a three-year-old Timofey. They are still looking for his mother.

At 12:47, the State Emergency Service was informed about the fourth dead person, who was found under the rubble.

On March 3, mourning for the dead was announced in Odesa and the region.