New Zealand will give Ukraine a new $16 million aid package

Oleksandra Opanasenko

New Zealand will transfer more than $16 million (25.9 million New Zealand dollars) to Ukraine as part of a new aid package, the countryʼs government announced.

New Zealand will continue the training of the Ukrainian military until June 2025. Up to 97 New Zealand military personnel will provide intelligence, communications and logistical support.

In addition, the country will allocate:

  • $4 million to the International Fund of Ukraine, administered by Great Britain, for the purchase of weapons and ammunition for Ukraine;
  • $4.35 million in humanitarian aid;
  • $1.9 million to the World Bank Trust Fund for assistance, recovery, reconstruction and reforms in Ukraine.

"It is important for Ukraine to know that the international community supports it. And for Russia to understand that countries like New Zealand support Ukraineʼs self-defense. This package demonstrates our commitment to this," noted New Zealandʼs Defense Minister Judith Collins.

The country is also developing new sanctions against Russia for invading Ukraine.

  • Following Russiaʼs invasion of Ukraine on February 24, 2022, New Zealand pledged over $100 million in financial aid.