FT: The European Union is ready to give in to Orbán to approve aid to Ukraine

Sofiia Telishevska

The European Union agrees to annually review the Ukraine Facility program, which provides for the allocation of €50 billion to Ukraine over four years.

This was reported by the Financial Times newspaper on the eve of the summit of EU leaders, which will be held on February 1.

The leaders of the European Union will hold debates on the implementation of the program every year, according to the draft conclusions of the summit. However, these revisions will not require a unanimous decision of the EU countries.

Hungary and its Prime Minister Viktor Orban insist on an annual review of financial aid to Ukraine. Other countries are in favor of not giving Hungary additional opportunities to block aid to Ukraine.

At the same time, Orban wants the annual decision to continue aid to Ukraine to be unanimous.

The FT writes that a day before the summit, it is still not known whether Orbán will agree to such conditions.

  • On October 3, 2023, the European Parliament adopted a resolution supporting the European Commissionʼs proposals to revise the multi-year EU budget, which provides for the creation of a special Ukrainian fund in the amount of €50 billion. However, Hungary was the only country that opposed this initiative. In order to convince Orban to approve the provision of €50 billion in aid to Ukraine, the EU will hold a special summit.