Gepard anti-aircraft guns, ammunition and drones. Germany transferred new military aid to Ukraine

Oleksandra Opanasenko

Germany handed Ukraine a new batch of weapons, including additional Gepard anti-aircraft systems, the press service of the German government reported.

So, Germany transferred:

  • 10 Vector unmanned aerial vehicles;
  • ammunition for Leopard 2A6;
  • two HX81 tractors;
  • five HX81 semi-trailers;
  • eight Zetros trucks;
  • two WiSENT 1 MC demining machines;
  • two border guard vehicles;
  • eight vehicles;
  • two AMPS communication protection systems for helicopters;
  • 2,500 shells of 155 mm caliber;
  • 25,536 shells of caliber 40 mm for automatic grenade launchers.

Deliveries are made from industrial warehouses and financed by German funds to strengthen the security capacity.