The Telegraph: Britain and Ukraine to sign 10-year security agreement on strengthening the fleet and post-war security guarantees

Oleksandra Amru

Britain will use its naval expertise to help Ukraine control the Black Sea as part of a security pact its nations will sign in the coming weeks.

This is reported by The Telegraph.

In the memorandum of understanding, Britain undertakes to "support Kyiv in the fight" with Russia, providing military support to the Ukrainian fleet, as well as financial assistance and intelligence sharing.

It will also contain post-war security guarantees — in particular, if the Russian Federation plans another attack, Britain promises to increase arms supplies to Ukraine and restore sanctions against the Kremlin.

British senior officials have informed their Ukrainian colleagues that the country will focus on strengthening Ukraineʼs maritime potential.

Military leaders also say they were shocked by Ukraineʼs actions in the Black Sea, where it forced the Russian navy to retreat from its traditional stronghold in occupied Crimea.

Some of the weapons, including Brimstone missiles, have already arrived from Britain, which still has one of the most powerful navies in the world.

The new agreement will build on the recent announcement that Britain will lead a new maritime capabilities coalition with Norway to transfer to Ukraine two Sandown-class minesweepers (Chernihiv and Cherkasy), 20 Viking amphibious ships and 23 speedboats.

The Royal Navy is already training Ukrainian minesweepers on unmanned submarines to disarm, defuse Russian bombs, booby traps and mines in its deep sea lanes and prepare for amphibious raids.