Latvia demands that more than a thousand Russians leave the country

Anna Kholodnova

More than a thousand Russian citizens living in Latvia may be evicted from the country.

This was stated by the head of the Directorate for Citizenship and Migration Affairs Myra Rose on the TV3 channel, as “Delfi” reports.

According to her, about 15 500 Russians requested a permanent residence permit, and almost 3 000 — a temporary residence permit.

Of them, about 2 200 people did not meet the conditions to stay in Latvia. However, this is not yet the final figure, as the Russians continue to submit documents.

"More than 1 000 people are subject to eviction. We see that there are many latecomers who are still trying to figure it out, to apply for a temporary residence permit, but unfortunately we have to tell them that they have to leave because they do not fall under any clause of the law,” noted Rose.