More than 40,000 people violated the curfew in Kyiv during the year

Oleksandra Amru

Over the past year, law enforcement officers in Kyiv found 41,394 curfew violators.

This is stated in the response of the Main Directorate of the National Police in Kyiv to hromadskeʼs request.

Out of the total number of violators, 40,017 people were taken to police stations for further analysis of the situation.

Currently, there is no penalty for violating the curfew. Prosecution is possible only in the case of administrative or criminal offenses, the police say.

Patrols have the right to check certificates and documents confirming identity, Ukrainian citizenship or special status. And if there are no documents, law enforcement officers can detain people and take them to authorities or units of the National Police for identification. Also, if necessary, conduct an inspection of things, transport, luggage and cargo.

Bill No. 10195

At the end of October, a draft law was registered in the parliament, which provides for administrative responsibility for curfew violations.

If the Council passes the law, fines for violators will range from 8,500 to 17,000 hryvnias. In case of repeated violation, the amount is multiplied by two.

For businesses, fines are even more significant: from 51 to 102 thousand hryvnias. If the violation is recorded again within a year, the fine will increase to 170 or 340 thousand hryvnias.

  • The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, declared martial law on the morning of February 24, 2022, after the start of Russiaʼs full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Among other measures, there is a curfew in the country. Its duration is established by local military administrations or military command.
  • During the curfew, you can only go outside during an air raid to reach the nearest shelter. It is mandatory to have identity documents with you.
  • On June 6, the publication "Ukrainian Pravda" published an investigation into curfew violations in Kyiv. There they found out that several restaurants continue to work in the capital at night. One night, journalists spotted Oleksandr Nikoryak, an official of KMDA, who is responsible for cultural heritage in the capital, together with developer Artur Mkhitaryan in a restaurant. They visited the Biarritz restaurant during the curfew.