President of the Eurocouncil: by the end of 2023, Ukraine should receive a decision on the beginning of EU accession negotiations

Oleksandra Amru

The President of the European Council, Charles Michel, promises to do everything possible so that Ukraine and Moldova receive a decision on the start of negotiations on joining the EU by the end of the year.

He stated this to journalists after a meeting with the presidents of Ukraine and Moldova in Kyiv, the correspondent of "European Truth" reports.

According to Charles Michel, the path of Ukraine and Moldova to joining the EU was one of the key topics of todayʼs negotiations with Presidents Volodymyr Zelenskyi and Maya Sandu. At this meeting, he made a promise to his colleagues, which he then repeated publicly, in the presence of journalists.

"Dear Presidents Zelenskyi and Sandu, dear citizens of Ukraine and Moldova, I assure you, I will not lose any chance to satisfy your legitimate ambitions and expectations," said the head of the European Council.

Michel stressed that at the moment it is not about the introduction itself, but about the beginning of a long process, which is "full of demands and sometimes brings disappointment." He also reminded that both countries will have to fulfill many tasks, in particular in the issue of the rule of law, but the first step should be taken right now.

"I will do everything to assure my 27 colleagues [leaders of EU member states] that we need a positive decision in December," he said.

Michel also gave three main arguments with which he will convince the participants of the summit.

First, he believes that the start of negotiations on the accession of Ukraine and Moldova to the EU "will be a signal to European citizens that we care about their security and well-being", since, in his opinion, enlargement will make Europe safer and richer.

"Secondly, it will be a signal to the citizens of Ukraine and Moldova that we are a reliable partner, that we are serious and responsible for our words," said Michel, emphasizing that this is also a valid argument for the 27 leaders.

And thirdly, the start of negotiations with Ukraine, which was attacked by Russia, "will be a signal for the Kremlin and for everyone in the world who wants to undermine the world order."

  • On the morning of November 21, Charles Michel arrived in Kyiv for a visit on the eve of the European Council summit, which will take place in December. At it, EU leaders will discuss the European Commissionʼs recommendation to start official accession negotiations with Ukraine.
  • Moldovan President Maia Sandu and German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius also visited the capital on Tuesday. During a briefing in Kyiv, the German head of the Ministry of Defense announced a new aid package for Ukraine.