Government: Energy facilities in Ukraine received three levels of protection

Anhelina Sheremet

The government decided to divide the protection of energy infrastructure facilities into three levels.

This was reported by the State Agency for Reconstruction and Development of Infrastructure on November 20.

Energy facilities received three levels of protection:

  • The first level is the construction of gabions and big bags. In this way, 90 objects in 21 oblasts were protected from the debris of drones and missiles.
  • The second is protection against drones and shaheeds. From March 2023, concrete structures are being built around the main network of Ukrenergo. 22 substations, 63 autotransformers in 14 regions are thus protected.
  • The third is missile defense. In 14 regions, 22 substations are protected from direct missile hits.

All project decisions are coordinated with the General Staff and the State Emergency Service. During the design process, documentation from experts in Britain and the USA is also used.

  • During last yearʼs attacks on Ukraineʼs energy system , the Russians damaged 270 energy facilities — thatʼs 50% of the entire energy system. It is about 30% of generation and 20% of distribution networks. There are objects that cannot be restored — they need to be rebuilt, which will take years and large investments. After repair, the system is ready to generate and transmit light, the only question is its stability. On February 12, 2023, Ukrenergo reported for the first time during Russiaʼs fall-winter attacks on the Ukrainian energy system that it had no capacity deficit.