Former Prime Minister David Cameron became the head of the Foreign Ministry of Great Britain

Anna Kholodnova

The former Prime Minister of Great Britain David Cameron became the new Minister of Foreign Affairs in the government of Rishi Sunak.

This was reported by the official accounts of Downing Street in social networks.

Cameron succeeded James Cleverly, who became the new Home Secretary.

This reshuffle in the British government was caused by the dismissal of Suella Braverman. She wrote a controversial op-ed in The Times criticizing police behavior during pro-Palestine rallies.

  • David Cameron was the Prime Minister of Great Britain from May 11, 2010 to July 13, 2016.
  • During his tenure in office, in 2016, Britain held a referendum in which the British voted almost equally to leave the European Union (at the time, the turnout was 72.2%, and the distribution was 51.9% for Brexit and 48.2% — against). The country has been a member of the EU since 1976.