GUR: Russians have 870 high-precision missiles in stock and continue to produce new ones

Sofiia Telishevska

During October, the Russians produced about 115 high-precision missiles with a range of more than 350 kilometers, and they have a total of 870 missiles in stock.

A representative of the Main Directorate of Intelligence (MDI, also known as GUR) Vadym Skibitskyi, told about "RBC Ukraine" intelligence calculations.

According to the GUR, Russians now have:

  • approximately 165 "Kalibr" missiles;
  • approximately 160 units of X-101, X-555 and X-55 with warhead;
  • about 290 units of "Iskander-M" and "Iskander-K";
  • approximately 80 "Kinzhal" missiles;
  • 150 Kh-22/Kh-32 missiles (range of 350 kilometers).

The Kh-101 missiles, together with the Kh-555, "Kalibers" and Iranian drones, can be the main elements of energy attacks, as Skibitsky noted.

"The enemy planned to produce at least 200 Shahed per month. But in reality it produces less. The Russian Federation has just begun to increase production, and today it is mainly the assembly of components supplied from Iran," Skibitsky clarified.

"It is clear that the Russians cannot fully use their missiles either — they have to keep at least 30% in reserves," added the representative of military intelligence.

  • In Russia, new workshops are being built at an accelerated pace at military plants. This is reported by "Schemes" with reference to satellite images of enterprises. One of them is the Kazan Aviation Plant, which builds and repairs strategic missile carriers, such as the Tu-22m3 and Tu-160. It is they who launch Kh-101, Kh-55 and Kh-22 missiles over Ukraine.