Mariupol City Council: About 300 people were killed at the Mariupol Drama Theater

Kostia Andreykovets

The Mariupol City Council reported, that, according to eyewitnesses, about 300 city residents were killed, hiding in the basement of the Drama Theater, bombed by Russians.

"The Drama Theater was cynically destroyed by the heralds of the "Russian world". These fascists of the 21st century were not stopped by either the huge inscription CHILDREN ("DETI") or the statements of the people themselves that there were only peaceful people — women, children, the elderly. The occupiers knew where they were hitting. They knew what the consequences might be, and still, the bombs fell on the place, which became a shelter for hundreds of Mariupol residents. There cannot be and never will be an explanation for this inhuman cruelty", the city council said.

  • The occupiers dropped a bomb on the Drama Theater on March 16. It has become a haven for about a thousand people, including children and the sick, who need special medical care.