Iʼve heard that Ukraine now has imposed a “zero duty” on car imports. Is there really nothing to pay? How does it work in practice? We explain together with West Auto Hub

Dmytro Rayevskyi
Iʼve heard that Ukraine now has imposed a “zero duty” on car imports. Is there really nothing to pay? How does it work in practice? We explain together with West Auto Hub

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On April 5, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky signed a law №7190P, which temporarily abolished customs duties, VAT and excise tax on the import of cars from abroad. The authorities explained this decision by the fact that the Ukrainians need to restore the car fleet, which was damaged and destroyed during the fighting. Babel and West Auto Hub have gathered answers to the main questions about the import of cars from the EU, the necessary documents and other features of the new procedure.

Now any car can be imported into Ukraine from the EU duty free?

Yes. Except for cars imported from Russia or Belarus, or made there. Cars, trucks and buses are subject to "zero" customs clearance. But you need to take into account other legal restrictions: the car must be of environmental standard not lower than Euro-2, and all other means of transport — not lower than Euro-5. In practice, most cars built since 1996 meet the required standard, as well as trucks built since 2009.

Can anyone do this? Is there a difference for individuals, NGOs or charitable foundations?

This can be done by individuals. It should be kept in mind that men with Ukrainian citizenship between the ages of 18 and 60 cannot go abroad during martial law. The list of exceptions for men is here.

Another law has been passed to import cars as humanitarian aid for the army or volunteers, which provides for a simplified customs clearance procedure directly at checkpoints. NGO "Volyn Brotherhood of St. Vladimir the Great" with the support of West Auto Hub has already delivered about 20 cars for the needs of the Armed Forces. Therefore, in our own experience we can confirm that the simplified procedure works.

What documents are required?

The package of documents depends on the country of purchase, type of purchase, and some other factors. Mandatory are: registration certificate and sales contract. In addition, you need to issue an export declaration from a customs broker outside the EU. If you move on your own, do not forget about insurance. To avoid "surprises", it is better to consult in advance. WAH specialists will be able to help.

What does the procedure look like now?

To understand the effect and features of the new law, WAH decided to test it itself and bring the first car. The procedure is the same as before the abolition of import taxes. Cancellation of payments is not the abolition of the customs clearance procedure. First, you buy a car abroad, then you take it off the register abroad, which is mandatory for customs clearance in Ukraine. It is necessary to prepare documents, issue an export declaration to the EU.

Important! You need to prepare a preliminary customs declaration yourself through the "single window" of customs online, or with the help of a customs broker. In practice, it is difficult to do this alone without the appropriate knowledge. This declaration must be prepared in advance, ie before crossing the border. It indicates the checkpoint through which you plan to import the car. If there will be no declaration — you will keep yourself and others in line for longer.

After crossing the border, you should arrive at the internal customs terminal, which you also choose in advance when you process the preliminary declaration, and complete the customs clearance. In addition, you must be certified and obtain a certificate of conformity of the vehicle. After that — an expert examination, payment of the pension fund fee, and registration at the Service Center.

WAH wants everyone who needs a car now to know how to use this new tool. Step-by-step instructions with a detailed explanation of what the procedure looks like can be found here.

That is, you really donʼt have to pay anything? Are there any fees?

There are no customs duties, but you should take into account the cost of related services — delivery costs, certification. As well as a contribution to the Ukrainian pension fund in the amount of 3-5% of the cost of the car.

These are no problems. What are the new nuances of these procedures now?

The procedure for importing cars remained the same as before. Those who used to import cars are well acquainted with it. However, if this is the first car from Europe for a person, it is better to turn to companies that provide transport import services. This way you wonʼt have questions about how to pay, deliver, inspect, where to look, how to check the car, what are the features of buying in a country and what is the list of documents. Specialists will do everything for you.

Whatʼs up with the checkpoints? I heard that only three of them can be used to clear the cars.

From the end of April 2022, cars were allowed into Ukraine only at three checkpoints — Ustyluh, Hrushiv and Maly Berezny. Now they are allowed to pass at other checkpoints, but itʼs better to find out about each checkpoint separately and follow the news.

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