Contract students will be able to independently choose the duration of their studies — the Cabinet of Ministers approved the draft law

Sofiia Telishevska

The government has approved a draft law on the improvement of higher education, which allows contract students to independently determine how long they will study the program. For example, students will be able to accelerate their studies and complete a bachelorʼs degree in three years instead of four, or vice versa — get a degree in 6 years.

The Ministry of Education explains that the annual workload for full-time education will be 30–80 ECTS credits. For example, 240 credits can be learned in 4 years, 60 credits per year (as now), or, choosing a higher load of 80 credits, complete the bachelorʼs program in 3 years.

On the one hand, such flexibility will bring the Ukrainian system of higher education closer to European standards, and on the other hand, it will promote the subjectivity of students, because they will have more freedom and decide for themselves which study pace and which disciplines to choose.