“Kormotech” company has created a veterinary hotline and a social network for pets


A global company with Ukrainian roots Kormotech turned 20 years old this year. During this time, the company successfully entered more than three dozen international markets and implemented more than 10 useful social projects that can be used by everyone.

  • After the start of the full-scale invasion, "Kormotech", with the support of the Lithuanian international fund "U–Hearts", created a global chain of help for Ukrainian animals — the "Save Pets of Ukraine" initiative. During the first year of operation, more than $3 million of aid was attracted. "Save Pets of Ukraine" is more than 300 000 fed animals and more than 1 500 tons of feed provided to animal volunteers.
  • The "Optimeal" brand from "Kormotech" created the first Ukrainian multi-channel vetturbot service Optimeal Expert 9100. Doctors gave birth in the bomb shelter by phone and treated wounded animals found on the front lines. The service receives an average of 11 calls and 13 instant messages per hour.
  • The LOOK 4 PAWS platform from the CLUB 4 PAWS brand promotes the adoption of purebred animals. More than a thousand animals have already been placed with the help of the platform.
  • "Kormotech" developed the entertainment platform Kormotech Family — a family album of Ukrainian four-legged friends, where you can add your own pet and tell its story.

In honor of its 20th anniversary, Kormotech will donate 100 000 hryvnias from every 20 tons of CLUB 4 PAWS, Meaw!, Woof! to help children and pets affected by the war. The funds will be directed to the "Voices of Children" charity fund and the "Save Pets of Ukraine" initiative. Together with the "Voices of Children" foundation, the company will equip pet-friendly family rooms for parents and children in hospital shelters in the frontline territories, together with "Save Pets of Ukraine" will purchase feed, medicine, vaccines and everything necessary to help animals in shelters.