Prime Minister Netanyahu: “Israel is at war.” More than 20 Israelis were killed, hundreds were injured

Anna Kholodnova

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that after the morning attack by Hamas, Israel is in a state of war.

He said this in his address.

"Citizens of Israel, we are at war. And we will win. The enemy will pay a price he has never known. I have instructed first of all to clear the communities they have infiltrated of the terrorists, and this work continues. I ordered a large-scale call-up of reserves to respond with a war the enemy had never seen before. We are waging a war, and we will come out of it victorious," the local publication The Times of Israel quoted the prime minister as saying.

According to emergency services, at least 22 Israelis were killed, Al Jazeera reports. More than 500 people were injured.

According to the spokesman of the Israel Defense Forces, Daniel Hagari, the militants fired more than two thousand rockets into the territory of Israel. Terrorists entered the country by land, sea and air.

The IDF publishes footage of strikes on Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip. Air Force jets have so far used more than 16 tons of ammunition.

Hamas fighters announced that they captured 35 Israeli citizens. According to Al-Arabiya, at least five Israeli soldiers are in captivity. In the meantime, videos of captured, killed Israeli soldiers and executions of civilians in Sderot are circulating on social networks. Militants are carrying out ethnic cleansing on the ground.

Hamas also released a video of the destruction of an Israeli Merkava Mk4 tank. It appears to have been hit by a drone. After the attack on the Israeli base, the militants got a tank, heavy armored vehicles, a Namer armored personnel carrier and three M113s.

  • October 6 marked the 50th anniversary of the beginning of the armed conflict between a number of Arab states and Israel, known as the "Doomsday War." Then Egypt and Syria attacked Israeli positions on the day of Yom Kippur, one of the most revered Jewish holidays. Today, Hamas made it clear that it had timed the attack for that date. Calls for holy jihad against the Jewish state are heard in Palestinian mosques.