Mont Blanc has shrunk by another two meters

Anna Kholodnova
Mont Blanc has shrunk by another two meters

Mount Mont Blanc, located on the border between France and Italy, has shrunk by two meters.

"The Guardian" writes about it.

Mont Blancʼs new official height is 4 805.59 meters — 2.22 meters lower than the previous measurement made two years ago.

The height of the mountain changes depending on weather conditions. The researchers suggest that this time the decrease in peak height may be due to less rain during the summer. The next time the height of Mont Blanc will be measured in two years — in 2025.

  • The official height of Mont Blanc has been falling for over ten years. The highest figure was 4 810.90 meters in 2007. In mid-September 2021, Mont Blanc was 4 807.81 meters high.