Germany has announced that it will participate in a new military aid package for Ukraine

Sofiia Telishevska

As part of the new military aid package, Germany will provide Ukraine with two hundred MRAP armored vehicles, as well as ammunition for mortars and artillery.

This was reported by the German Ministry of Defense.

The Federal Ministry of Defense has promised Ukraine a further large package of support in the amount of about €400 million.

In the new aid package, Ukraine received:

  • 200 MRAP-type armored vehicles with mine protection;
  • 50 water drones;
  • 480 rockets with AT2 anti-tank mines for MARS MLRS;
  • 30 thousand 155-mm shells;
  • 105 thousand 120-mm shells;
  • demining systems;
  • winter clothes, heat and electricity generators.

Inspector General of the German Defense Ministry Carsten Breuer said that since the beginning of Russiaʼs attack on Ukraine, almost seven thousand Ukrainian soldiers have been trained in Germany.

Currently, 900 Ukrainian servicemen are undergoing training in Germany. By the end of the year, a total of 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers will undergo training.

"Currently, the main focus is on the training of management personnel of the lower tactical levels, that is, group commanders, platoon commanders and company commanders," the message says.

The training of an infantry battalion is also ongoing, engineering and anti-aircraft systems specialists are being trained. At the end of September, Ukrainian Leopard 1A5 maintenance specialists will undergo training in Germany for the first time.