Russia destroyed 300 tons of humanitarian aid in the warehouse of the non-governmental organization “Caritas-Spes” in Lviv

Sofiia Telishevska

The Russian attack on Lviv on September 19 destroyed a warehouse with humanitarian aid of the non-governmental organization "Caritas-Spes".

The humanitarian coordinator of the UN in Ukraine Denise Brown stated this.

"I strongly condemn the Russian strike, which destroyed the warehouse of the non-governmental organization Caritas-Spes in Lviv in western Ukraine this morning. This important humanitarian warehouse, where there were about 300 tons of humanitarian goods, burned to the ground. Over the course of the year, attacks on humanitarian assets have intensified, impacting those already suffering from the horrific effects of war,” Brown noted.

She emphasized that humanitarian institutions, their employees and assets are protected by international humanitarian law and attacks on them are "strictly prohibited."

"International humanitarian law is not selective, it is an obligation that must be respected," she added.

  • The Russian occupiers attacked Lviv at approximately 5:00 a.m. on September 19. As a result of the strike, three warehouses with a total area of approximately 10 000 m² were destroyed, in addition to the "Caritas-Spes" warehouse, where windows and household chemicals were stored.