WSJ: Former Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang removed from post over affair in US

Anna Kholodnova

An internal Communist Party investigation has revealed that former Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang had a mistress in the US while he was ambassador to Washington. As a result of the novel, a child was born.

This was reported by Wall Street Journal (WSJ) sources.

Tsinya was removed from the post of Minister of Foreign Affairs in July, and a month before that he disappeared from the public eye. Later, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Peopleʼs Republic of China stated that his absence was due to health issues.

According to Chinese officials, the formal reason for Qin Gangʼs dismissal was "lifestyle problems." Members of Chinaʼs ruling party use the euphemism to refer to sexual harassment, as the WSJ noted. Such accusations are often used to discredit officials who are considered disloyal to the party leadership.

They are currently investigating whether Qin Gangʼs behavior could have endangered Chinaʼs national security. The ex-minister cooperates with the investigation.

  • Before his release, Qin Gang was seen in public on June 25 when he met with delegations from Russia, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. After that, only Wang Yi attended diplomatic meetings — he was the head of the Chinese Foreign Ministry from March 2013 to December 2022.
  • On July 25, China voted to appoint Wang Yi as the new foreign minister.