In England, the training time of the Ukrainian military at the training ground was shortened due to peopleʼs complaints about the noise

Anhelina Sheremet

The Ministry of Defense of Great Britain has reduced the volume of Ukrainian military exercises at the base in the city of Lydd (County of Kent) after people who live nearby complained about the noise from training firing.

This is reported by the British newspaper "The Times".

Residents have sent several letters to Lydd City Council demanding "to take measures". After receiving reports of complaints, the Ministry of Defense agreed to limit the noise and reduce the number of exercises by 30%. Base commander Lt Col Mark Powell said he wanted to maintain a strong relationship with the "good people of Lydd".

Alan Smart, 63, who lives next to the test site, called for the 150-year-old military base to be closed. “I say close it. The explosions are really loud. The windows crackle from them. My house vibrates from the explosions."

However, an 80-year-old woman who has lived a few meters from the military base for 35 years says: “If you buy a house or move to live next to an army camp, what do you expect? Silence? They protect the country."