In Odesa, for the first time in Ukraine, artificial intelligence was involved in brain diagnostics

Anhelina Sheremet

Odesa became the first city in Ukraine to implement the BrainScan telemedicine pilot project — artificial intelligence was involved in brain diagnostics.

This was reported by the Ministry of Health on September 12.

This system works on the basis of artificial intelligence and significantly speeds up the process of diagnosing brain diseases or injuries, when time is a critical factor.

The neural network analyzes computer tomography images in automatic mode and detects pathological changes. Already in 5 minutes after the image is processed by the program, the doctor can make a decision on further treatment. This speeds up the process several times.

The Ministry of Health states that the use of artificial intelligence for the analysis of CT scans of the brain has shown good results and this experience is already being used in the front-line Kramatorsk in Donetsk region.