FT: NATO in 2024 will conduct the largest military exercises since the Cold War

Liza Brovko

In the spring of 2024, NATO will hold the largest military exercises since the Cold War. The legend of the exercises — the Alliance repels a Russian attack on one of the allies.

The Financial Times (FT) writes about it.

The Steadfast Defender exercises will include 500 to 700 air combat missions — they will involve 50 ships and about 41 000 military personnel, including from Sweden, which has not yet joined NATO.

All this will take place in Germany, Poland and the Baltic states. NATO will also learn to counter terrorist threats beyond its borders.

In the legend of the exercises, it is said that a coalition led by the Russian Federation, which was called Occasus, will attack a NATO member. According to FT sources, the exercises are intended to show the Kremlin that the Alliance is ready for defense.