A Ukrainian historian, religious scholar and former prisoner of the “DPR” Ihor Kozlovsky died

Kostia Andreikovets

Ukrainian historian, writer and religious scholar Ihor Kozlovsky died.

Reports of his death with condolences appeared on Kozlovskyʼs Facebook page. The religious scholar Lyudmila Filipovych wrote that he had a heart attack. He was 69 years old.

Kozlovsky was a world-renowned figure and specialist in religious studies and spiritual systems. He met with Pope Paul II, wrote more than 50 scientific books and had many awards and distinctions, including the Albert Schweitzer Society of Austria medal and the Order of the Royal Brotherhood of St. Feotonius (Portugal).

In January 2016, he was detained in his own apartment in Donetsk by Russian “DPR” militants. He remained in their captivity until December 2017. He was released as part of the exchange. After his return, Kozlovsky monitored the situation with the Kremlin captives and fought for their liberation.