”Babel” sources: “LPR customs chief” Afanasevsky was blown up in Luhansk region

Liza Brovko, Oksana Kovalenko

On the territory of the so-called "LPR" Yuriy Afanasyevskii, the head of customs and an agent of the FSBʼs central apparatus, was blown up.

"Babel" was informed about this by sources in the Security Service of Ukraine, which took responsibility for the incident.

Afanasievsky was blown up at his home. He received multiple shrapnel wounds to the head, neck, abdomen and is in intensive care in a serious condition.

Yurii Afanasevskyi is also known for having become the financier of the leader of the "LPR" Leonid Pasichnyk. He laundered money to finance armed formations that fought against Ukraine.

The EU, Great Britain, Canada, Switzerland, and Japan imposed personal sanctions on Afanasievsky.