The World Bank allocated $232 million to Ukraine for emergency housing repairs

Liza Brovko

The World Bank will provide Ukraine with $232 million in aid for emergency repairs of war-damaged housing.

This is stated in the press release of the World Bank.

As part of the "The Housing Repair for Peopleʼs Empowerment (HOPE)" project, more than 100 000 Ukrainian families will receive help to, for example, repair the roof or replace windows before the onset of winter. The money will be given to those whose houses do not need major repairs.

As of February 2023, the total amount of damage caused to the housing sector of Ukraine exceeded $50 billion. The project will help repair almost two-thirds of damaged residential buildings that are suitable for repair.

Later, the World Bank and partners will provide Ukraine with additional financing — up to $800 million in the form of credit guarantees, grants, and other contributions.

  • According to World Bank estimates, almost 1.4 million housing units were affected by the full-scale war — thatʼs 7% of the total housing stock, home to 3.5 million people. Almost 87% of damaged housing is multi-apartment buildings, and four out of five damaged buildings are located in cities.