During the morning attack, the Air Defense Forces destroyed four cruise missiles

Sofiia Telishevska

During the morning attack on August 27, the Air Defense Forces destroyed four Kh-101/Kh-55/Kh-555 cruise missiles in the central and northern regions. It is known that two targets were shot down in Cherkasy.

This was reported by the Air Command and the head of Cherkasy regional military administration Ihor Taburets.

In total, up to eight air targets were observed in the sky, but they were probably false because no information about hits was received.

The military administration of the capital also reported that enemy targets moving in the direction of Kyiv were destroyed by air defense.

In Kyiv Oblast, fragments of downed cruise missiles damaged 10 private houses. One has significant destruction; the others have broken windows, doors, roofs, and chopped facades.

Two cars and a hangar for storing agricultural machinery were also damaged. Two people were injured.