In Kyiv, another 14 toponyms, the names of which are related to Russia, were renamed

Anna Kholodnova

The Kyiv City Council voted to rename 14 objects in the capital, the names of which are related to Russia and the USSR.

This was reported in the press service of the Kyiv City State Administration.

Here is the list of new names:

In Darnytsky district:

  • Trudova Slava Square — Pavlo Horyanskyi Square;
  • Chelyuskintsiv Street — Heroiiv Zmiinyi Street;
  • 1st Krylova lane — Bakhmutskyi lane;
  • 2nd Krylova Lane — Dzhmelynyi Lane;
  • 3rd Krylova lane — Shchuchyi lane.

In the Shevchenkivsky district:

  • park named after O. S. Pushkin — park named after Ivan Bahryany;
  • park named after Valerii Chkalov — Literatyrnyi Square.

In the Desnyansky district:

  • Vatutinsky Lane — Zazymsky Lane;
  • Mayakovsky Street — Taras Koval Street;
  • Theodore Dreiser Street — Ronald Reagan Street.

In the Dniprovsky district:

  • Travneva Street — Kachyna Street;
  • Minina Street — Oleksandr Lazarevsky Street;
  • Pozharskyi Street — Dmytro Bahaliy Street.

In the Obolonsky district:

  • Sovkhozna Street — Dunayska Street.

On May 18 in Kyiv, the metro stations Druzhby Narodov, Lva Tolstoho Square and 22 Street were renamed.