A pharmaceutical company in Zhytomyr region supplied medicine to the hospital of the Russian occupiers

Liza Brovko

A pharmaceutical company from the Zhytomyr region sold medicines to the Russian army. Its director was charged with aiding the enemy (Part 1 of Article 111-2 of the Criminal Code).

The Office of the Prosecutor General writes about it.

According to the investigation, after the start of the full-scale war, the officials of one of the pharmaceutical companies established a scheme for the supply of Ukrainian medicines to military hospitals of the Russian Federation. Among them were mainly painkillers, which were used to complete the first-aid kits of the occupiers.

Until February 2022, this company exported products to the Russian Federation, namely to an enterprise that fulfills state orders of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

After the full-scale invasion of Russia, Ukrainian medicines were first sent to the addresses of controlled foreign companies in the Middle East and the EU, and then they were changed to the waybills and shipped to customers from the Russian Federation.

A preventive measure is chosen for the suspected director.