The court sent the management of the oligarch Zhevahoʼs plant to the pretrial detention center with an alternative to bail

Anna Kholodnova

The Pechersk Court of the city of Kyiv sent the management of the "Poltava Mining and Processing Plant" to the pre-trial detention center, as well as the officials of the gasket company, through which the frauds took place at the enterprise owned by the oligarch Kostyantyn Zhevaho.

This was reported to the State Bureau of Investigation (SBI).

According to the judgeʼs decision, all six suspects must be held in a pretrial detention center with the alternative of posting bail. The organizer of the fraud must pay 60 million hryvnias, and the rest — from two to forty million.

The suspects were hiding from the investigation, but they were detained and taken to court under escort.

Officials of the combine embezzled almost 400 million hryvnias from the extraction and sale of minerals of state importance without appropriate permits. In particular, the top management sold crushed stone raw materials from waste mined in mineral mines without the appropriate permits.

The cash from the sale was withdrawn through the conversion centers and distributed among the accomplices.

  • Earlier, the six defendants were informed of the suspicion of committing criminal offenses provided for in Part 5 of Art. 191 (appropriation of anotherʼs property by an official abusing his official position, committed by an organized group on a particularly large scale) and Part 3 of Art. 209 (committing transactions with property, in respect of which the factual circumstances testify to its obtaining by criminal means, committed by an organized group in a particularly large amount) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. The maximum punishment under these articles is up to 15 years of imprisonment with confiscation of property.