Romania has confirmed that it is creating a training center for F-16 pilots, including Ukrainian ones

Anhelina Sheremet

Romania has confirmed that it will open a regional training center for F-16 fighter pilots, which will be available to its NATO partners and Ukraine.

The decision was made on June 6 by the Supreme Council of Defense of Romania.

"During the meeting, they analyzed Romaniaʼs participation in a new transatlantic project — in the creation of a pilot training center for the operation of F-16 aircraft in our country. Together with other allies and the company developing this fighter, a regional center will be established in Romania to train the pilots who will fly them," the Romanian High Defense Council noted.

The center will train Romanian pilots who operate F-16 aircraft, and later the facility will be opened for the participation of pilots from allied and NATO partner countries, including Ukraine.

  • In June, Politico reported that the West is considering Romania as a possible training ground for Ukrainian pilots.
  • The coalition for training Ukrainian pilots on the F-16 includes Denmark, the Netherlands, Great Britain, the United States, Portugal, Norway and Belgium. Ukrainian pilots will first undergo basic training and a language course under the supervision of Britain, then they will begin training on airplanes. Training is expected to begin in the summer. Ukraine will be able to receive the first planes in 6-7 months after that.