UP: The family of the Odesa military commissar bought a house and a car for millions in Spain. He says he doesnʼt know anything about it

Liza Brovko

During the full-scale war, the family of the head of the Odesa TCC (Territorial Completion Center) Yevhen Borysov bought real estate and cars worth millions of dollars in Spain, as evidenced by excerpts from the Spanish registry, writes "Ukraiinska Pravda" ["Ukrainian Truth"]. Yevhen Borysov himself says that he does not know about his familyʼs property on the Spanish coast.

For example, Borysovʼs mother has a villa for over $3 million and a 2022 Mercedes B class priced at $100 000 or more, his wife has an office space on the main street of Marbella, his mother-in-law has a 2023 Toyota Land Cruiser SUV. During the full-scale war, a third car appeared in Yevhen Borysovʼs family, so the value of his fleet is approximately $500 000.

Yevhen Borysov initially claimed that his family had no property in Spain, and after receiving evidence from the local registry, he stated that his wife was engaged in retail trade there, in which he "does not get involved." He said that his wife is currently working on documentation, so she should have told him about the purchase of real estate later. As for his mother-in-lawʼs new car, he said she sold the old one and bought a Land Cruiser.