Media: Russian oligarch Oleksii Repik is responsible for the development of occupied Mariupol, he owns real estate and business in the USA

Anhelina Sheremet

One of the richest Russians, the oligarch Oleksiy Repik is responsible for the development of occupied Mariupol. Repik owns the company "R-Stroy", which is one of the main developers of the city.

This is discussed in the Scanner Project investigation.

The company "R-Stroy" was founded in May 2022 — when Russia occupied Mariupol. The company almost immediately engaged in the construction of residential buildings and civil infrastructure in the city, and also participated in "charity projects" at the headquarters of propagandist Zakhar Prilepin.

The Scanner Project found out that Repik has a pharmaceutical business in the US — the company "R-Pharm", which is registered in the state of Delaware and has a factory in the German city of Illertissen.

Three months after the start of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, Repik, fearing sanctions, hid himself from the list of owners of the R-Pharm company. In August 2022, he sold the company. His mother Valeriia Daeva became one of the new owners. Her company "Petrusko" is the main sponsor of "R-Stroy" and has already transferred 108 million rubles (over $1.3 million) to the developerʼs account.

Repik also has a house in the USA. His estate is located in San Francisco, it is worth $19.1 million. In addition, at least three of the four children of the oligarch were born in the States. Repik and his family lived in the USA after 2014. So, in 2017, he attended the inauguration of Donald Trump and took a photo with the future director of the CIA and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, calling him a "good neighbor" and a "charming man."

  • Oleksiy Repik is a Russian public figure, businessman, from 2014 to 2019 he was the president of the All-Russian public organization "Business Russia". According to Forbes, Repik ranks 45th in the list of the richest Russian businessmen with a fortune of $2.9 billion. Regarding Repik, only Ukraine, Great Britain and Australia imposed sanctions.