Northern lights — rare for our latitude — were recorded in Ukraine

Sofiia Telishevska

On the night of April 23-24, people observed the northern lights in several regions of Ukraine.

The probability of the northern lights in the north of Ukraine was predicted by the American Space Weather Prediction Center and SpaceWeatherLive, which monitor space weather. However, they expected it to happen a bit later.

The northern lights are caused by the collision of charged particles entering the solar wind with the Earthʼs magnetic field.

Also, a strong geomagnetic storm G4 (Kp=8) is currently operating over the Earth, associated with the arrival of the coronal mass ejection that occurred on the Sun on April 21.

Usually, on Earth, such glows are observed at a distance of 20-35° from the Earthʼs magnetic poles simultaneously at all longitudes, but with different intensities. Kyiv is located at 50° latitude, so such phenomena are extremely rare for this region of the planet.