The Ministry of Defense is creating a unit to investigate Russian war crimes

Kostia Andreikovets

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine is creating a unit on international law to investigate Russian war crimes.

It will be formed under the Department of Legal Support. The unit will assist the Prosecutor Generalʼs Office, the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine and international institutions.

"This will contribute to the investigation of Russian war crimes, the implementation of international humanitarian law, EU regulations and NATO standards. Adherence to international law is what distinguishes a democratic state from a legal nihilist," said Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov.

Among the tasks of the unit:

  • implementation and enforcement of norms of international law, as well as relevant cooperation;
  • interaction with law enforcement agencies and international institutions;
  • legal work on the conclusion of interdepartmental international agreements;
  • adaptation of the legislation in the field of defense to the legislation of the European Union;
  • participation in the fulfillment of international legal obligations.

The department will also take care of the implementation of NATO norms and standards in legal acts of Ukraine related to the sphere of defense, aid, sanctions policy and compensation for damages.