The Parliament of Moldova finally adopted the language law. The Moldovan language became Romanian

Oleksiy Yarmolenko

The Parliament of Moldova adopted the language law in the second and last reading. Now, in the legislation and Constitution of the country, the Moldovan language will become Romanian.

NewsMaker writes about it.

The document emphasizes that changing the name of the language will bring the legislation into line with the decision of the Constitutional Court in 2013, which ruled that the Declaration of Independence of Moldova (which mentions the Romanian language) prevails over the text of the Constitution, including in the part of naming the state language.

The document also suggests replacing the name of the holiday Limba noastră (Our language) with Limba română (Romanian language). All changes will have to be made to regulations within 30 days after the law enters into force.

58 deputies voted for the bill. These are deputies from the leading party "Action and Solidarity". At the same time, communists and socialists opposed the document.

The language problem in Moldova has been going on since the declaration of its independence. During the times of the USSR, the Moldovan language based on the Cyrillic alphabet was used in the country. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Latin alphabet was returned to Moldova, but the actual Moldovan language is Romanian. In 2003, the Moldovan parliament decided that the Moldovan and Romanian languages are synonymous. And among Moldovans, instead of the exact name, the phrases "native language" or "state language" were usually used. But in 2013, the Constitutional Court of Moldova decided that the Declaration of Independence of Moldova has priority over the Constitution. At the same time, in uncontrolled Transnistria, the "state language" remains Moldovan based on the Cyrillic alphabet, as well as Ukrainian and Russian languages.