The Higher Anti-Corruption Court acquitted two deputies from “Servant of the People” in cases of false declaration

Anhelina Sheremet

The Higher Anti-Corruption Court acquitted two MPs from "Servant of the People" — Yurii Kamelchuk and Maksym Pashkovskyi, who were suspected of making false declarations.

Yurii Kamelchuk was suspected of failing to include in the declaration information about an apartment on Pechersk in Kyiv worth more than 3.6 million hryvnias, which he rented for two years, starting in October 2019. The prosecutor requested that Kamelchuk be fined 51 000 hryvnias and banned from holding public office for three years. At the court, Kamelchuk stated that he used the apartment for less than 183 days, and he did not know about its value. The court noted that Kamelchukʼs guilt was not proven.

Maksym Pashkovskyi was suspected of not specifying an apartment worth about two million hryvnias, which he rented during the year, in his declaration for 2020. The prosecutorʼs office also asked for a fine and a three-year ban on public office. At the court, the MP stated that he did not indicate the rented apartment in the declaration by mistake. The declaration was allegedly filled out by his brother, and he is only guilty of not checking the information entered by his brother before submitting the declaration. The higher anti-corruption court decided that Pashkovskyiʼs actions did not constitute a crime, and acquitted him.