The FSB border service building is on fire in Rostov, Russia

Sofiia Telishevska

A large-scale fire broke out on the territory of the border department of the FSB in Rostov-on-Don (Rostov region). The units of the Ministry of Emergency Situations went to the scene.

Residents of the city, who witnessed the event, report that before the smoke left the building, they heard sounds similar to explosions.

According to, warehouses of the department, where ammunition and fuel containers could be stored, are on fire.

It is known about at least two victims — they were found near the exit of the building. There may still be people inside.

Residents of apartment buildings located near the fire were evacuated.

The source of ignition was on the top floor of a two-story brick building. It is known that the flames covered more than 800 square meters.

Two walls have already collapsed in the FSB building. The authorities say that the cause of the fire was a short circuit in the electrical wiring in the warehouse, after which containers with fuel and lubricants caught fire.