Reuters: Ukraine opened a case against two occupiers who raped a woman and committed violence against her daughter in Kyiv region

Oleksiy Yarmolenko

The Office of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine opened a case against two Russian soldiers who committed sexual violence against a child and raped her mother in Kyiv region. All this happened in front of the father, who was beaten.

This is reported by Reuters, which has reviewed the case materials.

According to the investigation, the crime was committed by Russian soldiers from the 15th separate motorized rifle brigade in the Brovary district of the Kyiv region. Most of the crimes occurred on March 13, when Russian soldiers got drunk and broke into the yard of a house where a young family lived.

They beat the father with a metal pot and forced him to kneel, while his wife was raped. They also sexually assaulted their four-year-old daughter. One of the occupiers stated he would "make her a woman" before the violence.

The whole family survived after that. The investigation believes that these were two Russian snipers aged 28 and 32. The latter allegedly died even then, and the other returned to Russia. The prosecutorʼs office gave his name as Yevhenii Chernoknizhny. Journalists found his phone number, but his brother picked up the phone and said that Yevhenii had also died.

The two snipers are included in the general list of six suspects who committed sexual crimes in the Brovary district. In particular, after attacking a young family, they broke into a neighboring house where an elderly couple lived — they were beaten by Russian soldiers. They also raped a 41-year-old pregnant woman and a 17-year-old girl. In another house where several families lived, the Russians gathered everyone in the kitchen and raped a 15-year-old girl and her mother. Prosecutors said that all the victims survived and received medical and psychological help.

In general, the Prosecutor Generalʼs Office said that they are investigating more than 71 000 reports of war crimes committed by Russians. So far, the courts have sentenced 26 Russians for war crimes. Some of them were prisoners of war, some were tried in absentia, in particular, one of the sentences was for rape.